Tuesday, October 21


1.) The Cheonan Office of Education called the school just now while I was teaching and said that my paperwork couldn't be finished and that they're sending someone here Friday to interview me. They of course didn't say what kept them from finishing my paperwork or what they need to interview me about. I was told that I'll need to wear fancy clothes for the interview.

2.) I got in trouble this morning for not bringing a bag to school. Apparently it's embarrassing for me to arrive at or leave school without a satchel of some sort. I usually bring my computer to school but today I didn't need it. And I even thought about bringing an empty bag but that seemed stupid. I'm also shaming Sindang High because the sandals I wear while I'm at school are only supposed to be used by visitors (everyone has to wear sandals inside). At least I can be sure that half of this is completely false, because that's the way everything goes here.

3.) I wonder if Kim would get bummed out if Matt told her that she had to bring her drums to the show when she was planning on just borrowing some from the black dude in the Death Set when she got there.

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Paul Hebert said...

Actually I got an uncomfortable lecture for wearing guest slippers to a school I visited weekly. Don't let them get you down.