Wednesday, October 29


Fletcher Hi ! I'm Ji-hyun :-)

I'm nerverous. Because my English skill is very low, this letter is very wrong sentence and grammar.

Then I find grammar and word for my letter.

Um, Fletcher I introduce myself :-D

My name is Ji-hyun Seo, Do you know it?

My birthday is October 10th and blood type is B.

Some people(Korean) said "Blood type B girls are bad." but never!

I'm not bad. I'm kind............Joke! :-)

My future dream is hotel manager.

So I study English very hard.

Past,I think English is easy. But now, English is difficult. Specially I difficult grammar.

Therefore you teach me many word, grammar and conversation, please. OK?

(Specially grammar........)

And, there are five members in my family : my dad, my mom, my younger sister, my younger brother and me.

My younger sister 16 years old. She is very smart and pretty more than me.

Then parents loves her. I envy my younger sister but....I love her too :-)

Next, I introduce my younger brother. My younger brother is 9 years old. Very very very cute!

Someday, I pick my cellular phone. Because my younger brother pictures in my cellular phone.

I love him more than my younger sister :-D Secret!

Please I will like to know more about you.

Wow long~~~~~~~~ :-)

Do you have question about me? Then next mail you write to me.

Have a nice day and please don't forget to write me back.

Good bye

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M. Frayer said...

Do most English lessons involve telling people what your Blood type is? I haven't learned this yet in Swedish...