Thursday, October 23

The Real Obama

according to a bigot that writes for the Washington Times:

On the one hand, Barack Obama is a true wolf in sheep's clothing. On the outside, he's nice, pleasant, handsome, well-spoken, has cute little kids, dresses well, looks like someone we would all like to know. But underneath, he resembles an anti-American Marxist who believes the following:

-- Murdering innocent babies - through abortion - is an inalienable "right." (I think Adolf Hitler supported this same position.) That marriage should be redefined to include homosexual relationships. (Inner-city poverty rates correlate with no father in the home. Imagine what it will be with no mother in the home.)

-- It's more important to protect "wetlands" than it is to protect your family and America's industrial might.

-- "Global warming" is a bigger threat than crime, drugs, pornography, unwed mothers and immorality at all levels.

-- We torture our prisoners of war but our enemies don't. (We don't torture our prisoners, unless you consider playing profanity-laced rap music really loud to be torture; and making enemy combatants wear underwear on their heads is merely how some college-age frat boys normally behave.)

-- The United Nations is a better form of government than our own. (And we should even care what the opinions are among the 75 percent of U.N. member-countries who do not have democratically-elected governments ... and are smaller than some of our national parks.)

--"Education" is the most important thing for our children. (And, of course, everyone believes this, but as we all know, the left has such a strangle-hold on our K-12 educational system and universities that it's just a pro-gay/anti-America breeding ground for producing more Democratic voters.)

-- Mr. Obama's claims for bipartisanship are only demands that Republicans compromise on their principles to side with Democrats. (Have you ever seen Democrat compromise his/her values to show bipartisanship with Republicans?)

-- "Liberation theology" is a genuine religion. (When we all know it is leftist "religious-speak" for anti-American "community organizing" in Third World countries.)

-- Jesus was a "community organizer" (like Mr. Obama), and that Pontius Pilate was a "governor" (like Mrs. Palin). (When we all know that Jesus is God and Pilate was a dictator-appointed governor from Rome, not an elected official.)

Now is the time to focus on ideology! And now is the time for everyone to vote in the candidates who support our ideology - at all levels of government.

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