Tuesday, October 28


People chill hard here. It's like medicine. If a teacher drinks too much the night before, he'll come in and announce that he's hungover and he'll sleep between his classes. I've started taking naps too. But I usually wake up with Korean kids standing over me and staring. Most days someone will bring in fruits or vegetables for us to eat between meals - lately it's mostly been sweet potatoes because they're being harvested now. So several times a day, someone heats up a couple sweet potatoes or arranges a few bunches of grapes on a plate and without much being said, we wander over to the big table in the back of the office. We eat and talk and laugh. And I realize sometimes that the gathering has become a party, all centered around yams on a paper plate and a plastic bag full of potato skin. After lunch, most of the teachers play badminton or ping pong until the next class starts. I usually play basketball, but today I had a badminton date with some women from my office. We played in a grassy area between the two buildings. It was windy and they laughed like children.


Anonymous said...

Fletch!! Hey well look at this I have found you thousands of miles away. Whit told me youd been keeping a blog. This is wonderful. Bravo. I think ab you often. This week I am reading a book called The Zen Monastic Experience about Buddhism in Korea and one mans stories from a life at one of three jewel monastatires in Korea called Songgwang-sa...ANYWAY...reminds you that while I read ab KOREA you are THERE.

Hope all is well. So awesome Poof and you were just gone.Gone East. Love it.

"I've started taking naps too. But I usually wake up with Korean kids standing over me and staring..." HAHA LOVE IT.


M. Frayer said...

Has Tom Robbins not taught you about the power of yams?