Thursday, October 9

Email From Dad

...I have a new girlfriend who is nice.I don't see her as much nor as often as I'd like but she too hates my roommates and she works in Gonzales.I hope I can introduce her at some future point in time.She's really fine and I still look at her and wonder what she sees in me but who am I to complain.So if my back wasn't hurting from the car wreck it would be from her no doubt.If only she was rich, just kidding.Richness like beauty and love reside in one's soul and heart.Her heart is full of soul.She's been fixed so no need for wearing a raincoat in the shower.Anyway many words to say very little I just want you to know how much I love and miss you.I am happy you are doing something with this short interval between birth and death.Peace Dad


jesse said...

how much you wanna bet that fools lying. hah.

Jen Pearce said...

i'm still pissed about the time he was supposed to drive us around to all of those parties.

but i have to say that "no need for wearing a raincoat in the shower" is poetry. for real.