Wednesday, October 22

Costume ideas

me: i felt bad because i didn't pay at the pub or for the cab
Jung: u took the same cab as us
me: we were kissing and shit in the back of the car
Jung: oh god i hope i wasnt being inappropriate. i get that way when im drunk.
tell me your kidding
me: wayne saw us at some point
i asked him if i did anything bad and he said no
i am asking you
me: ummm
Jung: tell me now
me: i said the truth
shit i had no idea that you didnt remember
i feel like i should have lied
Jung: kissing or making out
me: kissing
it wasnt intimate or anything
Jung: no its not ok
me: sorry
Jung: did we open our mouth.
me: i really dont know
Jung: lie
me: would it make a difference
Jung: yes
me: wayne should have prepped me for this
Jung: he told me he didnt think u rememebred
me: yeah we were all faded
so what are you gonna be for halloween?
Jung: i dont know