Tuesday, September 15

It's Over

I'm terrible at saying goodbye. All day I've been getting choked up, muttering something about fond memories and kindness and before I finish speaking I sidle away in a flutter of bows.

I feel like I should write something.

Monday, September 7


I'm getting home in a few weeks and I'll be needing a place to live and a job. If you can help me find one of those, email me or something. Thanks!

Also, I think I'm going to switch over to fletcherchancey.tumblr.com pretty soon. I'll be posting here for a while longer though, at least until I leave Korea.

Korean medicine

Monday, August 31

what koreans are reading

From koreabeat:

Top 10 in life and culture.

1. People are being advised to be vigilant about hand washing.

2. An article divining women’s fashion trends for this fall by looking at what three celebrities are wearing.

3. A look at some allegedly trendy fashion accessories.

4. Laser surgery can supposedly make you look younger by thinning your face.

5. 10 tips for cutting down on things in your home which cause allergies as the season changes from summer to fall.

6. An article on home gardening.

7. A piece on men with woman-like chests.