Sunday, October 26


I bought a bike yesterday. It kind of looks like that thing that Matt Herron used to ride around that had shocks on the front and the back and was about 250 lbs. It's a piece of shit and I paid too much for it. I don't care. It feels awesome to be riding again. Walking makes me uneasy, especially if it's a route that I've walked before. And I never know where to put my hands or if I should make eye contact with people. But bikes kind of make you invisible.

Today I went to a depressing American military town with my neighbor. I hate those places where the economy revolves around foreign money. All of a sudden all the locals speak better English than you and you have to watch old men sell their souls in the form of cheap Chinese toys on street corners. My neighbor took me to eat at a Mexican restaurant run by Thai women. And it was really good. But there were no 2 for 1 mimosas.

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