Monday, November 17

You don't fuck with fan death

I was drinking with some people the other day and I came up with this scheme to make students stop sleeping in class. My plan involved shutting all the doors and windows and bringing a fan to class which a would keep on at all times. My assumption was that their fear of fan death would outweigh their desire to sleep during my lesson. The next day at lunch I told my teacher all excitedly what I was planning to do. I don't know what I was expecting, but when I finished my explanation she said something like "Yeah, they might hate you." Then she went on to say something about dust particles. No smile or anything. Of course not. I should know better than to openly mock something that someone takes so seriously, regardless of how trivial it seems. This is especially true when that thing they take so seriously doesn't hurt anything. I even get pleasure out of it; the fact that people here think that sleeping with a fan on will kill them makes me enjoy my life more than if they didn't believe that. But how do I keep these little assholes awake in class?

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M. Frayer said...

take away the chairs? feed them those cookie sticks? make up some strange belief that your culture has about falling asleep in class that involves a porcupine, an ostrich, nutella and/or boomerangs?