Wednesday, November 5

He pulled it

And my school just pulled the most ridiculous fire drill in history. The kids were confused and refusing to leave the classrooms. And when we got outside, the janitors have some sketchy fire hose running from the bathroom out the front door of the school. And he's spraying the fire that doesn't exist while a kid is inexplicably being run around on a stretcher. The janitor has to stop spraying long enough for two teachers to pass by with the school's important documents (two empty boxes) which they delivered to the cafeteria for safe keeping. All the while, the only thing anyone is paying attention to is a real fire that's raging in a trash can in the middle of the soccer field. A student and a teacher walk up and conduct a fire extinguisher demonstration, but the fire didn't go out and they covered half of the student body in smoke and white powder. Then a real fire engine comes roaring up, people run out of the truck in full uniform, flip switches, run hoses, and start spraying down the school which still is not on fire. I could see confused kids walking down the halls on the third and fourth floors, peering at us out of wet windows. Then all the sudents were told to line up with their classes in the soccer field where the garbage can was still in flames. I turned around to see two teachers still walking around with the same kid in the stretcher. I don't know. I wish I had my camera.

My 4th hour class came out strong for Obama too. This time it was 31 - 2. The two that voted against him said they like his economic policy, but that he'd be weak on terrorism.