Sunday, November 23

Scandinavian love songs

I found a pack of papers stashed away in my wallet which made it possible for me to smoke a bali for the first time since I've been in Korea and now my vision is shaky and I kind of feel sick and I don't think I could make a lesson plan if I tried.

Also, I just discovered Lykke Li and I love her. No one can make pop music like the Swedes.


bbond said...

yeah. i'm sort of obsessed with swedish pop. if you like her, you should try out the shout out louds, laakso, and jens lekman.

M. Frayer said...

see the weird thing is when you go out here, it's practically all '90s music ALL THE TIME. what the fuck is that?

saw a bit of a set last week by these guys/gals. it's no lykke, but decent anyway.