Saturday, November 15

Saturday Clubs

I went out this morning with the Sindang High School hiking club to a little mountain behind the school. The weather was nice and, luckily, I unclogged my toilet before I left for the hike. I did it with an empty water bottle.
At the top of the mountain there were hula hoops and a tire for us to hit with big sticks.
I can never remember what this game is called, but it's pretty much just a combination of volleyball and soccer. It's so big here that cities have professional teams and they show games on t.v. almost every night. I played for a while with some students after the hike. My team kept losing. And each time that happened, we had to turn around and face the brick wall while the other team took turns trying to kick the ball at our heads. They never hit me, but Donkey got it pretty bad.

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