Thursday, November 6

Peh Goo Pah

I like to think that my teachers office is the only place in the world that celebrated Obama's victory with a sack of pears. I stole this picture from a random flickr site so I don't know why the price is in US dollars. But you can see that pears here are as big as your head and not pear-shaped. Also, Koreans never eat the skin on fruit. They think it's unhealthy. Jung-Sook, the Chinese teacher, says that when a guy wants to get married, usually his mother will first scrutinize the potential bride's ability to peel a pear with a knife before she gives her blessing to the marriage. It's like a litmus test. I once tried to peel a piece of fruit in front of my teachers and got laughed at. I'm not sure why and I haven't tried it again.

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