Tuesday, November 4

Two Evils

If you think that a Gore or Kerry administration would have tried to make torture legal by claiming that the Geneva Conventions do not apply to non-uniformed soldiers; if you think that over 90,000 Iraqis would have been killed due to violence had Bush never been elected; if you think that the US government would have illegally spied on its own citizens, regardless of who was running the country; if you think that Al Gore or John Kerry would have treated environmental issues with the same carelessness that our current president has...

then don't vote. But I think you're full of shit.

As long as we have a two party system, we will never feel like we are being accurately represented by our elected officials. But by not voting, you're allowing idiots to go elect other, more dangerous idiots.


Jen Pearce said...

please tell this to all of baton rouge.

50% of the people that we "hang out" with aren't voting. and i want to scream.

jesse said...

pulled it.