Monday, November 24


I made a powerpoint presentation of Thanksgiving images for class this week. I used pictures of things like indians, turkeys, a cornucopia, pilgrims.I left out "genocide", "white devil", and "backstabbers". For part of the class, I make the kids write what they're thankful for. Most of them said the normal things like family and god and computers (?), but each class had kids that mentioned some things that you would just never hear in America. My favorite was one kid who said that he was "thankful for farmers because they have a hard job" and because of them he "can eat delicious rice." Another student said that he's thankful for time. He didn't elaborate.


Andy G said...

I'm definitely not thankful for time. Asshole makes me late for everything.

Anonymous said...

Time is Luck.

Anonymous said...

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david said...

wtf? have you been playing WoW? dont fucking lie to me.

fletcher said...

only on the weekends