Monday, June 22

What Koreans were reading last week.

From Korea Beat:

Overall top 10 ranking.

1. A long look at how much Real Madrid will be paying its players this year.

2. A guide to relieving stress, losing weight and improving your health through the proper selection of fruit smoothie.

3. More Real Madrid stuff.

4. Speculation on how Park Ji-sung will perform in the next World Cup.

5. Park Chan-ho recorded his third win of the season, this one coming against the Boston Red Sox.

6. North Korea qualified for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

7. Manchester United announced its intention to sign “world class players.”

8. Park Ji-sung injured a toe.

9. A bird in Cardiff, in the UK, managed to eat a 1.2-meter snake caught in the water.

10. Choo Shin-soo recorded his ninth homer of the season against the Milwaukee Brewers.

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