Friday, June 26


She looks cute but she does not care that Micheal Jackson is dead.

This is where I live. The bottom left apartment. If you look closely, you might see an escaped sock on the ledge below the window.

Wayne had a dinner party last weekend. I made chili.

This is the tallest student at the school. He calls me "brother" and he told me once that he prays that he'll stop growing. I used to think of him as a friendly giant like the one in the Roald Dahl novel that Mrs. Washington would read to my 5th grade class. Recently though I've come to realize that he's more like the friendly giant named Lennie in Of Mice and Men.

I walked here once.

These are the things I share my apartment with and this is how they spend alot of their time.


Scandinavian Design Finds said...

what grows outside yer window

fletcher said...

all kinds of things, but chili peppers mostly.