Monday, December 29

I want to walk around with you.

Apparently Christians aren't all that bad. Most of them think that you're going to heaven just like they are:
One very plausible explanation is that Americans just want good things to come to good people, regardless of their faith. As Alan Segal, a professor of religion at Barnard College told me: “We are a multicultural society, and people expect this American life to continue the same way in heaven.” He explained that in our society, we meet so many good people of different faiths that it’s hard for us to imagine God letting them go to hell. In fact, in the most recent survey, Pew asked people what they thought determined whether a person would achieve eternal life. Nearly as many Christians said you could achieve eternal life by just being a good person as said that you had to believe in Jesus.
But why hasn't heaven been democratized? It's almost 2009. My ear and throat don't feel right at all. I need to go buy a block of tofu and a bottle of soju and wrap myself up in this new Animal Collective and think about that first trip to Mexico and what it's going to feel like in a week when I get to lay my head in your laps.

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