Friday, December 19


Koreans are pretty fucking serious about their agriculture. And I gather that that's what the brawl yesterday came down to - that this free trade bill with the United States would cause the Korean government to roll back protective measures on farming. So yesterday when the ruling Grand National Party locked themselves in a committee room to try to introduce the bill, the opposition party took a sledgehammer to the door and hell kind of broke loose. Luckily there were lots of guys with nice cameras around at the time.

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etwasaffig said...

holy moly. thanks. they took the most dramatic pictures off of where I was looking. it was front page material and then disappeared. very strange.
& I hope they got in.
u.s./e.u./wto stripping subsidies from everywhere but home seems to be one of the best ways to screw other (especially developing) economies long-term...