Tuesday, December 9


These kids are really cute:

Hi Fletcher~haha^0^* Did you wait for my E-mail?KKKKKKKKK I'm so sorry~

These days are very~ busy T^T Because 18th is Final test! (English test is 19th haha ㅠ.ㅠ)

I didn't study ordinary times so I must study hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know that must study hard, but I didnt study everyday, I'm going crazy~T.T

How are you feeling now? much better? Maybe you're feeling is much better than yesterday, then I'm happy >.<

But, My feel not good, because today's night is very very very cold~ But I wear a clothes very thin.

So......... I have a bad bad cold T^T Maybe, you tell me "Hello! I want to your feeling is much better~"......?

I will happy~~~~KKKK

Time is late, already 12:41 am.... I will send the E-mail in Sunday~(maybe)

I will longer than this letter~ I'm sorry~ and I hope your feeling is much better than me,KK


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