Wednesday, August 5

Heed a Fall

We got to Jeju Island Friday night and met up with Wayne and Emily and Moondang and Taeyoon. We grilled burgers at the hotel and saw a huge spider and climbed this little mountain to look inside of a crater where we think we heard wild hogs. The island is beautiful, but it's totally overrun with tourist attractions like "minilands" where you walk around and look at mini-Eiffel towers and mini-White Houses and places you go horseback riding dressed up like cowboys and indians. Ugh. After a day of bullshit like that plus dudes forcing us to pay to lay on the beach (!), Marci and I took a ferry to Udo Island and met up with an Irish guy we met in Seoul a few months ago and his sister (whose name was Darbhla?). Udo turned out to be way more legit. No taxis or Family Marts or wax museums. We got a cheap room and rented mopeds and rode around the island, stopping every 30 minutes or so to drink beers on the beach. Marci ran into a parked truck and its owner yelled at me for letting her drive. We also went snorkeling, which turns out to not be that gay at all.

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