Tuesday, July 7

those were 40 dollar shoes

The guy in the left of this picture is our friend Karol's friend from college. He got deliriously drunk and stumbled half naked into a dance contest. There were at least 300 people watching. Just him and a 12 year old girl dancing to K-pop in a beachside amphitheater. The girl won, but Jason was given 3 bars of mud soap as a consolation prize. We took one of them. Later that night, after the girls passed out from too much booze and emotion, I went down to the beach alone to have a beer and some hot noodles and found him surrounded by police and old women. After spending several moments weighing the relative value of Jason's freedom compared to the temperature of my noodles, I stashed the noodles and beer in a bush and went to save him. He'd passed out on the shore and the tide was coming in. The cops didn't give me any problems. I grabbed him and brought him to our tent and told him not to vomit on my sleeping bag (he didn't listen). By the time I made it back to the bush, my noodles were still hot.

We made friends with these Korean guys whose tent was set up next to ours. We drank hard with them then went and played soccer on the beach. I made the game winning goal, or I remember claiming I did, and after a while they started throwing people in the water. Mary got thrown in and lost her shoes and started crying. Then I got mad and threw my shoes. Then, when Mary started to calm down, Marci started hollering at Mary about how the shoes didn't really matter. The night became irreparably fucked and I went with the girls up to the hotel room. Later, around 2 a.m., after having a disagreement regarding an appropriate wall for Danny to kick a soccer ball at, Danny called one of our Korean friends a racist. Strangely, the guy's friends all agreed. We never saw them again. In the morning we got up and drank soju and ate hot noodles and samgyapsal on the beach.

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