Wednesday, April 1


A couple friends of mine made up a story about how they met up late last night and kissed a little (no tongue) and drunkenly decided that they were going to date. Or think about maybe dating in the future. They spent all day today online getting my advice about what they should do. Luckily I didn't say anything stupid like, "Bruh, IDK... that bitch is crazy." And reading it again now, there wasn't really any reason for me not to believe what they were telling me. So I don't feel stupid. I more just want to cut someone. Look at this fake gmail conversation they put together to make me more convinced of their totally feasible story.

hs79:  how did you feel today ?
JH:  really hungover and tired!
hs79:  yeah...I could tell that you were kinda and I was kinda drunk
JH:  oh definitely. we were both really drunk-
hs79: remember coming up to my place last night though eh ?
JH:  yeah.. i wasnt like black out drunk, i remember of course.
hs79:  alright alright ....
I know it is kinda funny but I wanted to know you remember last night
JH:  well it would be really awkward if one person didnt remember...
hs79:  so we both remember everything..right ?
the talk
JH:  uhh yeah. for the most part... i feel weird about it though, dont you?
hs79:  I wouldn't say so
I am saying I had this thought all the time but it's kinda expected from my side I making any sense with my English?
or am I confusing you ?
 me:  umm i think i understand.
i still feel awkward about it though. because we are all friends-
and i dont know what peopel would think
hs79:  I don't know what people would think either but I know that I would not care about what people think about us
just be honest and think about it
no rush
take your time
JH:  yes im not trying to say it would make my decision.. what others think
i was just saying it is something i consider
hs79:  ok ok I understand it
anyway,,,think about it please ..I will think about it too
gotta go back to work now
JH:  oh i will for sure
ok have a good day
hs79:  later
JH:  we'll talk about this in person maybe.
probably better that way
hs79:  yes..sure ...
JH:  ok cya
hs79:  later

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