Wednesday, February 11

Things I need you to not let Marci forget to bring to Korea.

1. A big white towel and a small brown one. I left them at David's. They're the only two that I own. I've had to start drying myself with old sweaters, which my friends here think is REALLY weird.

2. The cable to my ipod. It should still be plugged into the computer.

3. My flamp flomps, although I can't imagine it ever being warm enough to wear them.

4. That sack of yerba mate in the kitchen. This is so important.

5. The 2 GB memory card that I THINK was in the camera case that David reclaimed from me.

6. As many of you as can possibly fit in her luggage. I'll pay the fees for the overweight bags.


david said...

the towels are jizz-mops now, i don't think you want them back

M. Frayer said...

did you ever find a squeegee?

fletcher said...

yeah i got one! my socks are so dry.