Wednesday, January 7

I can't wait to see you motherfuckers.

Goodbye, Korea.


Jen Pearce said...

stealing your passport.

you're staying with us, buddy.

German said...

She's been saying stuff like this all week.

M. Frayer said...

i had a dream last night that you couldn't make it home because of your blog and a form of explosive diarrhea.

hope neither of those happen. ha.

david said...

i'm ABOUT TO HAVE explosive diarrhea, thats so eerie!!!

Leslie said...

i'd only seen it on the news, and that was when some guy did it in boiling temperatures in the water around a volcano. it must be a thing. i wonder if it's hard. let's try it.

lisa h said...

i landed on this blog from a different blog and i was just wondering Fletcher, if you get this and wanna message me back... i am looking into teaching in South Korea through YBM Education. I dont know if thats who youre working for in SK but i was wondering if you could give me your feelings about the experience and if you recommend it and where you recommend going to and such. If you have the time id love an email about the whole experience.